Our Classes

Yoga & meditation for physical health & mental well-being. Using postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) & meditation (dhyana) with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body & a clear, peaceful mind. Suitable for most Yogis (men) & Yoginis (women), Yoga & meditation classes help to improve strength & flexibility & are a wonderful way to relieve stress.

Stretch & relax yoga. Develop mental & physical strength & release stress, giving you the tools to face the challenges ahead with courage & equanimity. Promoting emotional wellbeing & relaxation, increasing strength, flexibility & agility, improving posture & helping to alleviate common aches & pains & improving sleep. Suitable for all levels, including pre-natal, beginners & seniors. *Pregnancy Friendly.

Wall Yoga, discover a new & exciting way to practice yoga with the Yoga Wall. The Yoga Wall can bring a fresh perspective to your understanding of the asanas, from backbends to forward bends, twists or inversions. Using straps, pelvic swing & the wall postures can be done safely, at student’s level of capability. Focusing on achieving greater awareness of alignment & opening areas of the body that may be difficult to reach. Yoga Wall classes are full of fun & laughter, with a wonderful sense of achievement, come & hang with us gecko yoga, the only studio in the hawkesbury that offers wall yoga classes.

Gentle yoga & meditation. Giving you the time & space to just be, to let go, without expectation. Promoting emotional well-being & relaxation. Gentle Yoga for relief from stress & improved sleep. Yoga encourages us to listen to our own unique body, with gentle movement & time to relax, we can delve into a deeper understanding of self, letting go of ego & expectation. In our safe & comfortable space, our focus can be drawn inward to facilitate Pranayama (breathing), meditation & relaxation Suitable for all levels, including pre-natal, beginners & seniors. *Pregnancy Friendly.

Yin Yoga is an introspective yoga practice that offers a chance to turn inward & nurture the calm, quiet centre that is innate in all of us. It is a practice in stillness, patience & non-reactivity. Improving our flexibility & ability to respond to stress & dis-ease. Yin Yoga is a slow practise, giving your mind & soul a chance to find themselves. Allowing you to know ‘you’, your deepest self & guiding you through all the challenges & journeys of life. Combines aspects of Buddhist mindfulness practices, Chinese meridian theory & classical Yoga to create a deep experience of letting go. In holding grounded poses for a long time, the fascia, the body’s interconnected energetics, begins to relax & release long-held tensions stored in the body mind, helping to open the body, focus the mind & nourish the soul.

FRONTLINE Yoga delivers FREE yoga classes to Frontline Professionals, including current & ex-serving police, fire, ambulance & military personnel, healthcare workers, lifesavers, RFS/SES & volunteer paramedics. Classes are based on trauma-aware principles & are designed to help develop & maintain resilience, strength & connection. Suitable for beginners, taught in a simple & straightforward way & particularly suitable for those with chronic stress, depression, anxiety & post-traumatic stress. Our teacher is experienced in providing accessible yoga. You can Participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Gecko yoga & therapy, proudly supporting FRONTLINE Yoga.

Bollywood Bellydance classes. Learn some hip shaking BOLLYWOOD moves infused with lots of fun, laughter & energy, Bollywood dance, from the famous Indian film industry combines both classical & folk dancing of India with Arabic & Latino influences. Bollywood Bellydance invites you to move, with upbeat music & fun. Come and find your Bollywood goddess. Bollywood dance is suitable for all ages, no experience required. Delivered as a 10 week term Mondays 6:30pm. Choose from a 10 class Bollywood pass ($190), a 5 class Bollywood pass ($100) or a casual class ($25). Bookings essential.