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Our Classes

Mind Body Balance Yoga
Mind Body Balance Yoga for physical health & mental well-being. Using breath, movement & relaxation with the goal of bringing about a sound, healthy body & a clear, peaceful mind. Suitable for most, Yoga can help to improve strength & flexibility & to relieve stress. Classes include pranayama, meditation & relaxation. Not suitable during pregnancy.

Restore & Relax Gentle Yoga
A gentle class for anyone new to yoga. Giving you the time & space to just be, to let go, without expectation. For relief from stress & improved sleep, yoga encourages us to listen to our own unique body, with gentle movement & time to relax, we can delve into a deeper understanding of self, letting go of ego & expectation. In our safe & comfortable space, our focus can be drawn inward to facilitate pranayama, meditation & relaxation. *Pregnancy friendly (+14 weeks) class. Suitable for all, including pre-natal, post-natal, beginners & seniors & those new to yoga.

Stretch & Release Wall Yoga
Stretch the body & soothe the soul with us at gecko. “Great Yoga Wall” classes allow you to experience the power of gravity & traction in a unique way, to create space & nurture your back & spine. Deepen your poses & explore new ways of doing familiar asanas. Help enhance general flexibility & mobility in joints & spine, building strength in the large & small muscle groups. Students are able to work through their fears & build confidence, so that they are able to take what they’ve learned on the Wall, into their daily lives. The yoga Wall can bring a fresh perspective to your understanding of backbends, forward bends, twists & inversions. Great for anybody wanting a good stretch & time to pause. Sports people, tradies, office workers, those who do a lot of standing, sitting or walking, seeking a new approach to balancing the body & quieting the mind. Class includes pranayama, meditation & relaxation. Not suitable during pregnancy.

Yin Yoga
Yin Yoga is an introspective yoga practice that offers a chance to turn inward & nurture the calm, quiet centre that is innate in all of us. It is a practice in stillness, patience & non-reactivity. Improving our flexibility & ability to respond to stress & dis-ease. Yin Yoga is a slow practice, giving your mind & soul a chance to find themselves. Allowing you to know ‘you’, your deepest self & guiding you through all the challenges & journeys of life. Combines aspects of Buddhist mindfulness practices, Chinese meridian theory & classical Yoga to create a deep experience of letting go. In holding grounded poses for a long time, the fascia, the body’s interconnected energetics, begins to relax & release long-held tensions stored in the body mind, helping to open the body, focus the mind & nourish the soul.

 Yoga for mental health well-being. Our trauma-informed yoga classes are held in a safe space, in which students can learn skills to connect with the breath & increase body awareness. Acknowledging that any student coming to a class may have experienced trauma. Based on trauma-aware principles, taught in a simple & straightforward way. Suitable for all, particularly for those with chronic stress, depression, anxiety & post-traumatic stress. You can participate as much or as little as you feel comfortable.